At last a blog!!

Hopefully this will be a monthly occurrence and the chance to help you, our lovely customers, get a glimpse into Hogwash Soap, and understand just how special all our products, providers and services truly are. We also want to take this chance to keep everyone up to date with any news as to how our business evolves over time, including any new products, or events that we might be taking part in.

So why do we believe that our shop and its soaps are so special? Well, there are three core values of our products:

  • Ethical and locally sourced
  • Handmade
  • Kind to skin.

We regularly take stock of what we make, and what we sell and where it comes from, to see if there is any way to source better and produce greener. We pride ourselves on stocking products from other small local businesses, and makers from within the South West. We also support Fair Trade products, which includes our beautiful hand made soap wrapping.

We take time producing our soaps using the traditional cold process method. This is a lengthy hands on approach that’s better for the environment, and ensures that every bar of soap is made to our high standard of quality. This process goes into everything else we make as well, so you know that whatever you get from us, it has been made with love, care and over 15 years of experience.

Finally, and most importantly, all of our products are incredibly kind to skin. Christine, the owner, began working in the manufacture of hand made cold process soap specifically because she had always suffered with eczema. Thus it was always high on her list of importance to ensure that everything she makes is not only nourishing and moisturising, but also gentle for even the most sensitive skins.

We hope that you join us here again to learn more about us and what we do. Until then, please take the opportunity to have a look at the rest of our website, including our range of gorgeous gift boxes. Christmas is on its way and now’s a great time to get some early shopping in for that special someone, especially if they are on the lookout for hand made, wonderfully scented kind to skin soaps, moisturisers and bath bombs.