About us, and what they say!

Hello! Thank you for finding us and reading this!

I’m Christine Keeley, and I’ve been making handmade natural soap using the traditional cold process method here in Devon for many years.
As an eczema sufferer since childhood I have always been very aware of how products can affect my skin. Even ‘simple’, and ‘natural’ products, can have had a detrimental drying effect. Cracked and dry skin will not heal itself, so it needs a bit of help.

It was important to me that all Hogwash products be mild and free from ‘nasties’ :SLS; SLES; Parabens and MT. So myself, and my daughter, Alex, are the Hogwash guinea pigs……..If we can use them, well that’s my test! No animals are involved (not even pigs!).

Hogwash soap is mild and gentle, made with 100% natural oils.

It is the high oil content that is the key. Commercial soap often has the oils extracted to make other products, which is why it is often cheaper. Hogwash soap is made with three oils ,Shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil. It is a long lasting bar of soap that will not reduce to a soggy mess (if kept well). Nothing is added apart from natural therapeutic grade, essential oils. Hogwash is colour free and palm oil free.

Give your skin a fighting chance to heal itself. Be kind to your skin.

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