Apologies Dear Reader for neglecting you for ages..we have been moving, house and Hogwash HQ.

I am sure many of you will relate to the stress and trauma of that!!!

Having made soap and bath bombs in a teeny tiny house which I shared with husband, cats, dog and LLD (long legged daughter,who has out grown the house), for 3 years, it was time to move on. The crunch came at Christmas when LLD and myself embarked on an intricate kitchen dance, her buttering breakfast toast at lunchtime, me, cutting soap….it was never going to work….

Then Husband announces he is working from home in the New Year…….WELL!!!!

It had to stop!

We have been lucky to have found a little shop/workshop in Torrington, so we are still among this lovely community.

Life is never simple though is it?  We now find ourselves on the cusp of the craft fair and selling season and with a shop to get ready!

Today we are having what looks like, 300 miles of electrical cable removed, (see boring picture below!) Why someone had thought this much cable in one small Victorian house was a good thing is beyond me….(and, believe me,  that is the tip of our cable iceberg.)


Then it will be getting a new floor down.

I feel like I am never going to stop moving furniture around and recycling cardboard boxes. (The man at the tip and I are now on first name terms).

But its all good.

Once we are up and running, Hogwash will have a permanent shop base/workshop and we will be running making workshops…so watch this space…and I promise to post before next Christmas ….and with prettier pictures!