Gift packaging and message


Pop your products into a gift box and add your message




Pop your choice of products into a gift box. All snuggled into ‘straw’ fill, with coordinating tissue and ribbon, (pink, orange, lime or grey). and your message.

There are 3 box sizes and we will choose depending on the contents chosen by you.

Add a personal message as you go through the checkout.


There are 3 sizes of box.

1 Small gift box with attached lid that will hold half a bar of soap and a wash cloth, or 3 half bars soap, or 4 bath bombs. Size 100x100x50mm The photos of the 4 bath bombs are in this box.

2 Medium size, two piece with seperate lid 170x120x55mm  Will hold a large wash and a about 2 or 3 other items or 2 large washes. The photos on this page are of this size box.

3 Large gift box is the same style as the medium box Size 252x180x79mm Will hold most things!

The gift boxes are quality two peice with seperate lid, contrasting tissue and ribbon and fill.

The packaging can be reused and composted.

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Rose Geranium and Patchouli, White Lily and Ginseng, Orange and Neroli, Lime Basil and Mandarin


Square, Round


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