North Devon has an award winning beach

 Every Thursday throughout the summer I am privileged to sell my soapy wares at Croyde Craft Market, which is a stones throw from the award winning Woolacombe beach, and last summer I had one of those evenings you  remember for ever,when everything was a little bit magical. When you really appreciate the simple things of life.  An evening of craft, soap and curry!

North Devon’s Craft Market at Croyde
North Devon's Croyde Craft Market with Hogwash Soap

North Devon’s Croyde Craft Market outside . Hogwash is in the hall..come and say hello!

croyde market 1

Lovely sunny Croyde Craft Market


It was a Thursday in June, and  I was at Croyde Craft Market selling The Hogwash soap as usual. 

On this Thursday it poured with rain all day. Heavy rain, ceaseless from early morning until the end of the market. But as is often the case in North Devon, the rain stopped and the sun made its appearance.

Never give up on the North Devon weather, it is often drunk!

Feeling a bit damp, My daughter and I we went on the hunt for evening food. 

Award winning Woolacombe beach and curry!

North Devon’s award winning beach and curry!

We had heard of ‘curry on the beach’ so went in search. This was definitely turning into the evening for it. The sun was now well and truly out.

‘Look for the hut’ they said….we did, and found it snuggled beneath rocks on a tiny sandy cove near the now, award winning Woolacombe beach

It was alive with frantic cooking, washing up , ordering and serving. All from a small beach hut!

There was something happily un -British about the whole experience.

The curries, were either ‘meat’ or ‘vegetable’, no other specification. We ordered ours, and sat waiting to be called. Sure enough in a few minutes they came, 2 giant plates piled high. Curries on a ‘proper’ plate with ‘proper’ cutlery. I had no idea how much I resented outdoor cutlery till then!

There was rice, poppadoms, pickles. It was amazing, all for under £10.

Locals were now arriving with wine, picnic tables, cool boxes. They had done this before!

I can honestly say it was one of those magical times that stay with you forever. I thought if I died then I would have died happy!   We managed giant scoops of creamy  Devon ice cream for pud…be rude not too!  Perfect! Daughter paid…even better!

Will definitely be trying that again this year when I am back at Croyde Craft Market

North Devon Croyde Craft Market

Croyde Craft Market, is held every Thursday from May – Sept. Hope some of you will visit and take a look at Hogwash Soap, and the other great crafts there. Next one is Easter Monday 2016

If its not a Thursday and you fancy a bit of Hogwash,Woolacombe has this beaut little shop