Up with that Lark!

What the hell is happening to me!! Two mornings in a row up at 5am!! I made 20 kilos of Foam wash yesterday and loads of bath bombs today all before 8am!!!! Thought I had finished for Christmas but it … Read More

Bath bombs and Fairs…nearly there!

Christmas Bath Bombs all ready and freshly made for sale in @Jack and Molly’s Trading in @Torrington, and from me directly £2 each Please contact me through the website. They will be sent in time for Christmas. They are a … Read More

Bedruthen Steps Hotel Christmas Fair

            This is where Hogwash will be all weekend This beautiful hotel hosts the most amazing Christmas craft  weekend. Hogwash  will be in the Handmade Hall, and there are loads of other room with amazing … Read More

Honey and Oatmeal Soap

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I had to share the beauty of this newly purchased Devon Honey, all ready and waiting to be dolloped into new batches of honey and oatmeal soap this week….ready for Christmas. I bought it from a fellow crafter, a lovely … Read More

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