Vomit, confusion and Christmas

I’m in a whirl of pre Christmas confusion…..fairs coming along like London buses, all on the same weekend in November.  Which ones to do???  Choices choices!

But its off to Glastonbury this Saturday, for the Craft and  Gift market .   Never done this one before but Its good to get the Hogwash products out there so people can test them. With that in mind, I try and do as many fairs and shows as possible.

Would really love to trade in London’s glorious Covent Garden, after spending last Sunday there, and chatting to the really friendly stall holders.  Bit far to go every week though.

covent garden

It was one of those gorgeous warm, crisp Autumn days. Sat in the sun sipping coffee taking it all in…a patchwork of sounds, colours, smells, clothes, dogs, jugglers, and a vomiting girl  (not so good that bit, especially for the man sat on the wall in front of her, munching peacefully on his sandwich before the projectile hit).

Maybe tomorrow I will actually MAKE something!!

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