What the hell is happening to me!!
Two mornings in a row up at 5am!!

I made 20 kilos of Foam wash yesterday and loads of bath bombs today all before 8am!!!!
Thought I had finished for Christmas but it appears not.

There are still four Christmas fairs to go for Hogwash in North Devon.
The Big Sheep farmers Markets 12th, 19th and 23rd and The Barnstaple Pannier Market Sunday 13th.


Saturday mornings until Christmas and 23rd Dec


The ‘flavour’ of this season has been Orange and Neroli, so I just keep on
making it…in bath bombs, Moisture cream, palm free soap and foam washes.

It is gorgeous, I cannot tell a lie!  Oranges always have that Christmassy fragrance.
The Christmas Tree bombs (fragranced with Christmas Spice), and the White Lily Star bath Bombs have been flying out too….hence my very early rise this morning.

Christmas Bath Bombs 2015


What in the name of Betsy, my family are going to get for Christmas this year looks like it will depend what is left in the shops on Christmas Eve!
Well its 9am now and I’m off to re stock, Jack and Molly’s Trading, Torrington, and The Plough Arts Centre, Torrington…then more making…..with a Christmas hair cut in between, be nice to sit down!