Palm free natural hand made soap, enriched with shea butter.

A calming and feminine blend of Rose Geranium essential oil and with a little kick of patchouli.

Natural oils and shea butter make this a beautifully fragranced and moisturising bar which is floral and sensual.

Rose Geranium and Patcholi oil are both beneficial to dry skin conditions, as they can help soothe inflamed skin.

Every bar is hand whisked, stamped and wrapped in gorgeous hand made FairTrade lokta paper.

This is a Hogwash best seller.

* The paper may vary from the photograph because each soap is individually wrapped by hand and I buy paper I love when I see it. Be reassured however that it will be gorgeous.

The weight will be between 100 – 106 gm because they are hand made!


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Olive oil; shea butter coconut oil; olive oil;rose geranium oil ; patchouli oil organic grapefruit seed extract. lye

Additional Information

Weight 90-120g (this is a handmade, hand cut item) kg