Day 1 of Hogwash Soap blog

Spent all day not making anything, just shouting at the PC, and saying ‘no idea’ when men (its always men!) asked me questions about the PC, in, what I believe to  be sentences, but that only contain letters and numbers!

Only trying to update the website, and start a blog , and understand the inner mind of my printer….printers are very needy, I’ve decided, with all their ‘reconfiguring’, and their pointless noises, as they lead up to a simple task. You lose a husband to work and children to a life, only to find an emotional printer!

Cheered up and encouraged by my friend Celia when she popped by for a jacket potato and danish pastry lunch. (Diet gone to pot after 2 hours, but stress made me eat it)

She managed to sort out all my computer problems in a flash and whilst eating. Well power to the woman of a certain age!

(These are the goodies I make when I have time too)


Now I have to remember that I do make hand made soap and bath goodies and with the laptop up to scratch, I will endevour to keep you up to date with all my makes (Christmas fairs and shows are looming ….fast!), and let you all into the life at Hogwash Towers, in beautiful North Devon

Picture of beautiful North Devon at sunset!croyde