Today I have been chucking glitter around my Hogwash kitchen with gay abandon.


Hogwash as a brand has a look that I love….all natural,brown and vintage…..(that is a piccy of my stall below)


…..but when Christmas approaches and the nights draw in and get colder, this is the time to get your glitter out!

Today I made these little glittery star soaps to hang on the tree and make your house smell wonderful…mulled wine and ginger are 2 of the fragrances here.  I decorated with some beads and jewellery twine (hours at a market through the summer, sitting next to a jewellery maker seem to have rubbed off on me!).


As its still October I was not wishing to scrabble through my loft to find a tree to display my new project, so , ever resourceful, I ferreted about in my neighbours garden and found a twig!

He was out!

What does he want with a twig!?

da daH!

Christmas is the only time Hogwash goes all Joan Collins!

There maybe a glittery glow to our curry tonight.